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Welcome to the MicroFIT Program

ieso_logo_xlThe microFIT program was initiated by the Ontario green act in 2009. The purpose was to encourage individuals and communities to invest in renewable energy sources and help to alleviate the need for coal fired power stations in Ontario. Currently, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) are offering a 20 year contract at 39.6 cents per Kwh for microFIT roof mounted systems. A 10 kilowatt system (the largest size available for microFIT) using 40 (forty) 250 kilowatt panels and 40 Enphase inverters will generate approximately $5,100 per year showing a return on investment (ROI) of 7 years. The cumulative return for the duration of the contract can exceed $100, 000.

In laymen’s terms, the government of Ontario is going to pay you a premium rate to become an Ontario hydro producer for the next 20 years. At the end of that term, you will have made close to 3 times your initial investment and will still own your solar system, meaning that you can then switch to net metering. If at any time during the term of the contract the cost of Ontario hydro exceeds the revenue received from the OPA you can cancel your microFIT contract with a 30 day notice and switch over to net metering. For more information on the microFIT program please visit the Ontario Power Authority website.

What we can offer you!

Current pricing for a 10kW microFIT solar system includes 40 (forty) 250 kW panels, 40 Enphase inverters and all associated racking and hardware.

How Microfit Works

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