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Solar Power Systems – Today’s Smart Investment


With the continuing rise in hydro costs, rooftop solar power systems have become one of the greatest investments for homeowners, businesses and institutions alike. Whereas hydro costs keep going up, the cost of solar power continues to decline.

IMG_0460In a number of scenarios, the electrical power provided by solar panels is already in competition in cost with the power you are already paying for through your local utility company. With a rooftop solar power system, costs are fixed, and you are sheltered from further price increases for the life of the equipment (30 years or more). In projecting current utility escalation and solar price reduction, electricity generated by solar panels will be competitive in even more situations within five years.

In fact, you can make a 10%-12% return on investment (ROI) today on a rooftop solar power system with a twenty year microfit power agreement

Homeowners are one of the groups which see the greatest benefits, as with the governmental Feed-in Tariff program, the cost of rooftop solar panel systems are subsidized up to 10kW (ten kilowatt-hours) for residential users.

Business also finds great benefits, as fast capital depreciation allowances on net metered systems come into play. Large solar power installations can lessen the hydro annual costs and help you avoid taxes on power that hasn’t been consumed.

Climate change is a leading concern among Canadians, with 80% saying it’s one of the most important issues facing the world today. Not only can the installation of a rooftop solar power system help you reduce your carbon footprint, they can also inform your neighbors and cus tomers that you care about the environment and care for them.

Our name is Go For Solar Power, and we live up to our name by providing pragmatic, cost-effective turnkey rooftop power system installations since 2006. But don’t just take our word for it; dozens of satisfied customers are more than happy to discuss their experiences with you.

So take a closer look and see just what your own solar power system can do for you today.

In short, we really know what we’re doing when it comes to solar systems. Putting together a solar system that will make you the optimal amount of revenue possible isn’t as easy as it sounds. Luckily for you, we at GoforSolar know everything there is to know about surveying a location for optimal sun exposure, planning and designing the system and performing a safe, speedy and professional installation.